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Innovative Wing Chun is a martial arts school dedicated to the practice and study of western influenced Wing Chun Kung Fu. Through hard work and careful study you will be empowered with life saving skills and practical knowledge. You will learn efficient techniques and exercises that will make you more confident and physically fit all in a private lesson setting.


​Sifu Armando Sainz' martial art system will give you the tools to deliver amazingly effective concept based techniques in self-defense. At Innovative Wing Chun the focus is reality self-defense in the modern world. There is no sport, tradition or ceremony. This is where ancient martial arts knowledge and modern self-defense insight come together.


​All lessons are taught by Sifu Armando Sainz one-on-one. Innovative Wing Chun is located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in beautiful Franklin, NC. Also I am very proud to announce that my student Jon Janosko is teaching private lessons in Asheville, North

Wing Chun Tai Chi Martial Arts Self Defense Franklin Highlands Cashiers NC

"Armando Sainz is one of the finest persons I've known.... I highly recommend him as a teacher in his respective art."

Master F. J. Paolillo, Tao Institute Asheville, NC

Martial arts training in Wing Chun

This is a concept 

based system designed to work effectively for the individual practitioner without any need for preconceived maneuvers in any given self-defense scenario.

Wing Chun Kung Fu serious training

"The student-teacher relationship is easygoing yet serious because of the life saving content of each lesson. I will guide you through every personalized lesson and beyond." 

Sifu Armando Sainz

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