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Private Lessons | Long and Short Term | Custom Programs | Adults Only

Martial Arts Self Defense | Wing Chun Tai Chi | Franklin Highlands Cashiers

Our programs are tailored for adults due to the nature of reality based self-defense. Only ADULTS ages 18 and older may apply for membership.


Sifu Armando Sainz offers both a long term and short term programs in a private lesson (one person) setting. Lessons can also be semi-private (two people, maybe three). Whether you are interested in our programs for personal well being or a desire to gain high level self-defense skills; our programs will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule. 



"I have been training with Sifu Armando Sainz for several months now and have learned much more about Wing Chun and true self defense than all of my previous years of training combined... He is the teacher that every student hopes to find and every fighter aspires to become." - Eric Marcotte, U.S. Marshals

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WingChun³ is an advanced form of Wing Chun. It is a scientific method designed to work effectively for the individual practitioner without any need for preconceived maneuvers in any given self-defense scenario. This unabridged martial art is a diversified yet streamlined self-defense that works in the real world. In addition to being truely optimized, it comes with a detailed curriculum combining the best in personal training with the highest level ingenuity. 


The basic curriculum is as follows...


  • Siu Nim Tao - Essential techniques with advanced concepts. Modeled after Tai Chi Chuan.

  • Chum Qiu - Interception, control and explosive power. Modeled after Hsing-I Chuan.

  • Bil Gee -  Dynamic sphere energy with counter grappling maneuvers. Modeled after Dragon Style Ba Gua Zhang.

  • Muk Jong - The Wooden Dummy; working footwork, positioning and distancing.

  • Luk Dim Boon Quan - Dragon Pole; reveals the secrets of range and efficiency in both empty hands and weapons.

  • Bart Cham Doh - Butterfly Knives;  reveals counter-grappling footwork and completes the maneuvers learned in Bil Gee.

  • Western Martial Arts - Pugilism, western thought and compatibility with Wing Chun.

  • Practical Weapons - SKG Concepts® - blunt instruments, edged weapons and firearms.

  • Counter Grappling - Effectively dealing with grapplers, wrestlers, MMA types or anyone who wants to grab you. 

  • East Meets West - Merging western martial arts methods with extensive internal martial arts knowledge specifically of Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan and Dragon Style Ba Gua Zhang.

  • Reality Based Mentality - Deep understanding of real self-defense, free from sport or traditional thinking.​


Our Short Term Program

Learn self-defense from both an eastern and western mindset and perspective. Imagine learning self-defense tested by Europeans on the battle field. Something that your great, great, great grandfather may have known back in Scotland, Ireland or England. Combine that with the greatest self evident and acknowledged martial art to come out of the east. WING CHUN KUNG FU!

"I just finished the Short Term Self-Defense program offered by Sifu Armando Sainz. It is a very in depth and well rounded program... I was continually impressed by Armando's vast knowledge... His course concentrates on practical, real world self defense... You would be hard pressed to find another instructor with as much passion, skill, and knowledge." - Josh Shapiro – Smoky Mountains Trail Crew Member.

This is an accelerated version of the long term, in-depth program. This is Sifu Armando Sainz' fast-track program merging only the most lethal and effective techniques and hard core tactics. You will achieve the results you are looking for!

It's taught 1.5 hours at a time; for 11 lessons. This is a certified program so a certificate will be presented if you complete 10 modules plus the bonus lesson. 

We will cover the following...

  1. Essential Self-Defense - The Entire Body as a Weapon

  2. Advanced Strikes - Primary Methods and Targets

  3. Effective Interception - Fully Control the Attacker

  4. Understanding the Three Kinds of Fighters

  5. Understanding the Three Fighting Ranges

  6. Understanding the Ground Fighting Game

  7. Countering Ground Fighters - Escape Any Hold - Standing or Ground

  8. Wielding Weapons - Stick, Knife and Gun

  9. Weapons Defense and Attack - Stick and Knife

  10. Weapons Defense and Attack - Guns (Pistols, Revolvers, Shotguns and Rifles)

  11. BONUS MATERIAL - Coordinated Finishing Maneuvers - Harmonize the Concepts and Stop the Attacker!

This 6 week program is an accelerated version of the long term, in-depth program designed specifically for real estate agents. Every day agents interact with strangers and put themselves at risk. The nature of selling real estate makes agents vulnerable to attack. This custom program gives them the tools they need to be safer on a day to day basis and be able to defend themselves if the need arises.
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