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Intellectual Property

Armando Sainz as Innovative Wing Chun has built a brand and reputation that is high quality and recognizable. Armando Sainz' commitment to exceptional quality, his efficient training methods and depth of knowledge has earned him a loyal following. Innovative Wing Chun actively protects its intellectual property which not only includes its unique training but also the content of this website.

Armando Sainz / Innovative Wing Chun has invested a significant amount of energy on training, development and advertising over more than 30 years. Infringers do not possess this depth of knowledge and experience nor do they carry this cost burden and will without fail present lower quality martial arts and self-defense systems mingled with deception with little or no R&D or advertising costs. 

Schools or instructors who teach similar or infringing martial arts / self-defense systems damage our market by teaching substandard quality martial arts or self-defense systems, diminishing the brand. 

Above all, these infringers endanger citizens, military and law enforcement by teaching them material that leaves them with a false sense of security and may get them seriously injured or even killed.

​We take our intellectual property very seriously and will fight to defend it against unauthorized users.

Please do not accept substitutions. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to teach custom self-defense to friends here and around the world.

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