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Testimonials Continued

Testimonials | Martial Arts Self Defense Tai Chi | Franklin NC, Highlands NC, Cashiers NC

"I have been with Armando for 2 years now, after 3 years in the Leung Ting Wing Tsun system. I can safely say I learned more in 6 sessions (2 a month, 4 hours each) than in three years of a more "traditional" system. I was exposed to the wooden dummy my second month, whereas in the prior system, no exposure would be given until you were a higher level practitioner. In addition, I have learned basic stick techniques, defense against sticks, knives, and guns. It is all practical knowledge, with no gimmicks. This is truly the real deal." - Bobby Desai, M.D.

"I have been in several physical confrontations growing up. It was just a part of life from where I came from. Being more of a bookworm and not a street kid, I looked for the most efficient way to get out of scuffles unharmed. I came to a realization that I am getting older and can not rely on my physical strength forever. I came across Sifu Armando Sainz and visited him. It was there that I understood that this is where I will learn self-defense. His manner of teaching is more of a coaching method. He technically breaks everything down in manageable bites. I have learned Wing Chun, many self defense techniques and concepts in the past 7 years and will continue to travel this path for many more. Training with Sifu Armando you WILL learn the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones." - Tim Faughn, Wing Chun Black Sash

"Armando is a great practitioner of Wing Chun and martial arts in general, a real natural! Armando began his training in martial arts in 1979 (I was one year old!). He has extensive martial arts experience... Sifu Armando has a reputation of excellence and he has produced many great students. " - Sifu Jesse Moon, Wing Chun Expert

"Armando Sainz was the first to complete the full curriculum under me years ago. He has gone on to be in the forefront of the Wing Chun movement by having one of the longest running public schools, being in the public eye with his outstanding web site, and his writings which can be found on the internet. Also, Armando has developed a specific 'anti-grappling system', unique to his abilities." - Sifu Bill Graves, Wing Chun Expert

"I just started lessons with Sifu Armando Sainz without having any previous self-defense instruction. He is very helpful and has a passion for teaching. Everything he has shown me has been "intellectually justifiable". It makes total sense! I am extremely excited about taking these lessons and wish that I could take more. At the end of every lesson I can not wait for the next one to show up." - Sean Morgan, Musician and Teacher

"My experience learning Innovative Wing Chun with Sifu Armando Sainz has been very exciting and enlightening. His approach is efficient, intuitive, logical and based on what is practical. This system is taught in a personalized environment and customized to meet and exceed the needs of any individual seeking to study self-defense. I look forward to continuing my training with Sifu Armando." - Al Hamilton, Computers

"En mi opinión, tuve la suerte de conocer este inovador sistema de Wing Chun, por lo que estoy muy contento. Mi experiencia con el Sifu Armando fue increíblemente beneficiante en el desarrollo y aplicacion de este arte marcial. En pocas lecciones pude entender y poner en practica este efectivo sistema el cual se aplica perfectamente a cualquier situacion en la vida cotidiana. Defensa contra atacante con armas, o mas de un contrincante o contra juijitsu / MMA u otro, este sistema se adapta y demuestra como terminar con el conflicto mas rapido y seguro. Sifu Armando tiene un método de enseñanza muy efectivo, sin importar tu nivel se adecua a tus necesidades para desarrollar un entendimiento y la aplicacacion del sistema." - Oscar Vargas, Professional Pilot and Flight Instructor

"I have always been afraid of what might happen in a real world life threatening situation; that is until I met Sifu Armando. He taught me more than I ever imagined self-defense training would be. I believe with all my heart that Sifu Armando is the very teacher I was looking for. His training has given me the confidence and courage that I thought only was found in the military. Boy was I wrong! This is the martial art system I have been looking for since I got out of high school. I really encourage anyone who is looking for real world self-defense to not just take my word or Armando's other student's word, but to find out for yourself. This way you will experience for yourself what I'm talking about." - Jacob Willoughby, Musician and Chef

"Armando Sainz is one of the finest persons I've known. We met at the Tao Institute some years ago where he came to seek internal instruction to further his training in the martial art of Wing Chun. At the time he was already an accomplished practitioner and my recommendation was to teach him "no touch" energy via mind to mind transmission, thus increasing his mind / body sensitivity. He received this transmission successfully and I highly recommend him as a teacher in his respective art."

- Master F. J. Paolillo, Tao Institute Asheville, NC

"Armando was a diligent and conscientious learner of the martial arts. He maintained regular and disciplined practice for over five years and responsibly complied with all requirements for promotion to Black Belt. Amando was an excellent example of professionalism and humility as part of the art of Tang Soo Do and our Academy of Karate." - Master Robert E. Beaodoin, 7th Degree Black Belt

"Sifu Armando has refined the art of Kung Fu into an effective self preservation system for today's "real" world. His concepts and teachings allow a practitioner to be confident and a winner at every challenge that daily living can offer. In just a short time I have personally learned techniques that are far superior to any other system that I have encountered. I look forward to many more of his teachings and the privilege of carrying on the legacy!" - Michael Mangaroo, Guitar Instructor and Kung Fu Expert


"The saying 'I don’t care how much you know, until I know how much you care', certainly describes Armando Sainz.  His expertise at Wing Chun/martial arts is exceeded only by his desire to help his students improve. His patient, caring approach to teaching enables the student not only to learn the necessary skill-sets; the student also learns why those skill-sets work effectively. The road toward excellence is long and difficult at times, but I feel that I am better prepared to defend myself and my family than I have ever been in my life. Thank you Armando" - Dave Struble, Age 73, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army Reserve 10th Group Special Forces

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