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Sifu Armando Sainz has had the honor of training some really fine individuals. Read what some of them have to say about their training experience!

Testimonials | Martial Arts Self Defense Tai Chi | Franklin NC, Highlands NC, Cashiers NC

"You aren't asked to forget everything you think you know about martial arts: you just do"  - Jarrod Hayes, CEO Essentia

"I give my highest recommendation for Armando himself, for his skill level, patience, instruction abilities, high character, and his innovative system. I've been training with him for only a few months and I already trust him implicitly. Because I travel extensively and am generally very busy with work, I personally couldn't justify a different type of training other than the private, one-on-one instruction in his system. Who wants to spend 5 times as long to only obtain a fraction of the skill? I dont see any cost savings or value in another approach." - Lindon Hayes, CEO Founder Essentia


"Armando is a master of the most efficient form of fighting there is as well as an extremely skillful teacher. You will learn how to use this proven system to safely and quickly defuse the dangerous situations life can throw at you. Everything you learn from Armando will be built upon a solid  foundation which leaves you eager for more." - Aaron Ewing, Small Business Technology Consultant


"I have known Armando for well over 30 years. Armando is extremely dedicated to his craft. He is one heck of a Tang Soo Do Martial Artist and even better at Wing Chun. His instruction is unsurpassed. He communicates well and displays even better. Being not only a martial artist: Cetified Professional Martial Artist by CHUCK NORRIS and Connecticut State Police Academy, Defensive Tactics Instructor, I can guarentee Armando is one of the best TEACHERS on the planet. He gets 5 stars in my books." - Eric Breuer, former CT State Trooper, Master Instructor and Martial Artist


"I just finished the Short Term Self-Defense program offered by Sifu Armando Sainz. It is a very in depth and well rounded program. I chose that program to learn a lot of the high points of the Innovative Wing Chun curriculum. I would feel like I've done myself a huge disservice if I didn't continue training in Innovative Wing Chun with Sifu Sainz. I was continually impressed by Armando's vast knowledge in many disciplines of martial arts styles and ability to be a patient and supportive teacher. His course concentrates on practical, real world self defense and teaches you how to recognize and counter other styles of martial arts. You would be hard pressed to find another instructor with as much passion, skill, and knowledge. I am looking forward to continuing to train in his Innovative Wing Chun Program." - Josh Shapiro, Smoky Mountains Trail Crew Member

"Armando is a highly knowledgeable, patient, and reliable instructor...a true expert in his field and master of countless martial arts, specifically his evolved style of Wing Chun. As a former student of his, I found that I progressed quickly. Armando tailors his teachings to the individual's best learning method and not to a preset syllabus like those that exist at larger martial arts institutions. Each exercise, concept, and scenario is broken down in order to understand every possible outcome of one's actions in a real-life encounter, and even how to think one step ahead to gain skills in taking preventative actions. While one hopes never to need to utilize self-defense, in situations where our best efforts to avoid and diffuse hostile confrontations through words do not succeed (Armando emphasizes the importance of his teachings being solely as a last resort for the protection of ourselves and loved ones), I can recommend no better instructor to train you for that unpredictable moment where your safety is literally in your own hands." - Derek Weinberg, Horologist


"Sifu Armando Sainz has cultivated a truly dynamic regimen of self defense. His expansive knowledge into the world of martial arts brings a myriad of concepts, techniques, and skills to the table. There is reason, and more importantly thought, behind every teaching he offers. In less than six months, I will begin my combat tour of the Middle East. I could not be more appreciative for the training, the knowledge, the dedication Armando put forward, and the over all added confidence his instruction and practice has brought me. Simply put, when it comes to the point your life is on the line, seek the best. You, just as I, will be glad you have done so." - Glen Buchanan, US Army Military Police​

​"Sifu Armando Sainz has vast martial arts knowledge and is a master of Wing Chun. It’s my privilege to experience Armando’s special traits as my Sifu. His exemplary morals assure my complete trust. With a quick mind he continually assesses my ability and customizes the pace. His dedication to my success with patient one on one time offers value worth more than any cost. He needed only a few months to teach me kick-ass skills. Are bad guys on the street with pistols and knives? Armando supplements traditional Wing Chun with his effective counter-grappling and weapons defense. Sifu Armando’s devastating techniques are not for sport. Armando teaches the practical skills to identify and eliminate real world threats. Confidence is a priceless bonus. I eagerly anticipate the pleasure of many years as Sifu Armando’s student." - C.D. Hodges, retired

"I have been training with Sifu Armando Sainz for several months now and have learned much more about Wing Chun and true self defense than all of my previous years of training combined. I attribute this progress to Sifu Armando's vast knowledge, experience, patience, and practical approach to teaching his martial art form. Sifu Armando's concept based style of fighting completely removes the aspect of sport, which is so popular today, and prepares the student for real-world scenarios and application. He is the teacher that every student hopes to find and every fighter aspires to become." - Eric Marcotte, U.S. Marshals

"Incredible! ... Real world self-defense is an understatement in describing Innovative Wing Chun with Armando Sainz. Armando has taken classic Wing Chun Kung Fu combined with other fighting techniques and created a self-defense system that is potent, powerful and truly practical. I was blown away by what I learned from Armando as one of his newest students taking private lessons with him. After my first meeting with Armando I knew I had found my system of Kung Fu and my teacher. Armando has a sharp mind, years of experience, wisdom, a standard for excellence, and a take-no-prisoners attitude. His passion is tangible and contagious and he really wants his students to live with confidence while being well equipped as Wing Chun practitioners who can kick butt in real world situations. Armando's method of teaching allows his principles and concepts to be understood easily both in theory and in practice while allowing students to become incredibly effective in defending against any real world assault. Bad guys beware! Armando's approach to Wing Chun Kung Fu is second to none. I have a new found self-confidence and peace of mind."

-Thomas Pierce, Sr. Information Technology Architect

"I have taken Sifu Armando's system for many years and have acquired skills that take most a lifetime to attain. My self-defense skills and abilities would not be possible without the one-on-one instruction of Sifu Armando Sainz. He teaches the system as it is, in a full comprehensive way that makes it possible for each individual to learn to their greatest potential. His teaching method and fighting skill are superb."

- Robert Nunes, Senior Student, Security Consultant and Amateur MMA Fighter

"I have just begun my training with Sifu Armando and it was immediately clear to me from our first meeting that this was a teacher with whom I could put my trust to help me to learn to protect myself and more importantly, my family. I came to my introductory lesson not sure what to expect and walked away with an entirely new thought process on what I wanted to learn and what self defense really means. Sifu Armando is obviously a very intelligent and gifted martial artist but he is also very patient and understanding and has an uncanny ability to explain the concepts of his system in a way that are easy to understand and are easily absorbed. I have no doubt that in the coming months and years the time that I spend with him will not only increase my self defense capability exponentially, but it will also give me the confidence and peace of mind I have been searching for. I tried to find it in the other martial arts and quickly became disinterested due to the obvious sport aspect and lack of use in a real altercation. I highly recommend this teacher and this system if you truly want to learn to defend yourself." - Joseph Selph, Owner, J&M Construction

"Armando's anti-grappling system is a very effective, concept based method that grew out of his Wing Chun knowledge and has been tested over and over and shown to be extremely potent. It allows you to be able to get back on your feet quickly so you don't have to fight in a grappler's area of expertise. This is the best I've ever seen." - Sifu Kevin Reid, Wing Chun Master and Musician

"Armando is very personable, honest and an excellent instructor. Armando will give you every opportunity to learn, will remodel his program around your requirements and always gave me far more than I ever paid for. All he wants is for his students to be successful, and you will without a doubt get far more from your relationship and instruction than you paid for. Working with this man has been an experience of a lifetime and had it not been for a move across country I would still be working with him." - Gavin Slabbert, VoIP Network Engineer​

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