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Our Wing Chun Self-Defense Philosophy

Right from the beginning you will realize that you are learning a system that really works and doesn't require you to be an athlete in the classic sense.

Wing Chun Tai Chi Martial Arts Self Defense Franklin Highlands Cashiers NC

Because we all have two arms and two legs, all martial artists fall under the following classes; the puncher, the kicker and ground fighting grapplers. A martial artist can be familiar with one, two or all three catagories. We can classify weapons in this way as well. They all designate under blunt instruments, edged weapons and firearms. Through the use of a calculated system of applying optimized concepts, contact reflexes and specialized techniques, the practitioner of fully developed Wing Chun is able to deal well with all martial arts methods.

The straightforward nature of Wing Chun and Omnific Pugilism lies in the fact that the masters of the past had the vision, supported by their own extensive experience in combat. These combined systems are designed to recapture ancient knowledge of life and death conflict, coupled with a system that is fully developed and optimized for modern self-defense. The result is a system devoid of all sport oriented techniques and traditional limitations, positioning key principles at its core, offering each practitioner skills and benefits such as:
  • The ability to finish quickly and efficiently against any attacker no matter what martial art they know.
  • Use skeletal alignment and proportional positioning rather than muscles to deliver amazing structural power and devastating blows eliminating the need to be strong.

  • Use important automating concepts that will make you seem faster without actually being physically fast.

  • Defend against a single or multiple attackers without throwing high, fancy kicks that slow you down and make you vulnerable.

  • Know how to defend against blunt instruments, edged weapons and firearms.

  • Avoid the limited development and effectiveness of sport oriented or traditional systems.

  • Understand different scenarios and situations and the laws that govern self-defense.

  • Learn fighting skills quicker than in other martial arts systems and their respective schools.



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