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There are many benefits from participating in martial arts training and in particular learning how to defend yourself in this type of system.  Sifu Armando Sainz teaches all lessons and uses a very effective training method to maximize the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. His students achieve high level results in a very short time and most importantly they feel empowered because they have achieved confidence through learning important skills. The following is a summary of the beneficial outcome of learning at Innovative Wing Chun.

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Top Quality -

Practitioners surpass and easily outdo the abilities of those who participate in other martial arts or self-defense schools. This can be achieved in a much shorter time span with an adeptness only obtained by the one on one training Armando Sainz provides. His system has been tested time and again over the years in every possible scenario, position and situation. Innovation was and is the key to growth in its development coupled with thousands upon thousands of hours of polishing and refinement. You will not find a better, more well rounded, efficient self-defense system nor a better medium for instruction.

​Higher Return on Investment -

Consider the fact that 99% of the martial arts systems out there are sport and tradition oriented to varying degrees. This means their techniques only work in a controlled environment and can be a fatal inadequacy in a real life situation. Over time you will end up spending more money for something that will never actually work when you need it most. At Innovative Wing Chun our approach is 0% sport or tradition and 100% geared to work for you on the street. What value do you place on knowing that you can truly handle yourself in any given situation?

A Premier Self-Defense System -

Knowing that you possess skills that put you in an elite category of martial artist is undoubtedly one of life's genuine confidence building delights. This system and the way it is taught is by far the most outstanding offer in the high level self-defense world. Every student is given a custom lesson each time they come with as much valuable information and skill transferred from teacher to student as humanly possible. If you are looking for the utmost quality and return for your diligent effort to learn then look no further.

A Better Experience -

The student-teacher relationship is non-traditional in that it is relaxed and easygoing yet serious because of the life saving content of each lesson. All lessons are carefully crafted in an edifying environment to be in-depth and meaningful to each student. Armando Sainz' knowledge of self-defense is second to none and he will guide you through every step from your first inquiry to every personalized lesson and beyond. This kind of learning experience builds a confidence and trust that money can't buy and skill that is PRICELESS!

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