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Omnific Pugilism

Omnific Pugilism Western European Martial Arts Self Defense Franklin Highlands NC

Omnific Pugilism is a European hand-to-hand martial art system. Omnific Pugilism basically means causing the fists to come from everywhere which is how the opponent would feel fighting you. That doesn't mean that only fists are used. On the contrary, punches, elbows, head-butts, eye gouges, knees and kicks are delivered with devastating, bone breaking power.​ We're talking about old school bare-knuckle boxing and not the sport of boxing. Unlike modern boxing, Omnific Pugilism is a deadly, concept based method of self-defense. In spite of this it is a very safe system to learn.


The practice of Omnific Pugilism dates back to Viking and Saxon times. It was a family art known as Gudini Pugnari in the 11th century. This is when its foundational concepts and techniques where developed. It was further developed through the years and was unparalleled during the Renaissance where fencing science and human biomechanics were meticulously applied to hand-to-hand self-defense. It was once considered one of the most effective empty hand martial arts systems in the western world. Omnific Pugilism lessons are based on my training with Bill Graves who was my primary instructor, my training with Karl Godwin and the handbook "Omni Pugilism" by Karl Godwin. 

- Master Armando Sainz

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